muscle activation techniques

photo by Matt Lloyd

photo by Matt Lloyd


what is muscle activation techniques...

Muscle Activation Techniques is unique from other therapies because it is the only therapy out there addressing the contractile capabilities of the muscles. It uses a comparative assessment from side to side to tease out asymmetries within an individual. These unilateral differences help create a map for the practitioner to start assessing individual muscle's ability to contract. Due to stress, trauma, overuse, and inflammation, the muscle's contractile capabilities can be effected. Through a series of specific muscle tests, palpations, isometrics, and retests, I will "charge up" your muscles and get them functioning again to allow your body to move in a mechanically efficient way. 


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Fascial Stretch Therapy

A new method of manual therapy that uses the fascial network to help increase mobility and range of motion via traction, PNF, and movement. Fascial Stretch Therapy can be used by anyone and everyone!


Lokte Method

A newer therapy that utilizes a pin and stretch technique to help create a deep connective tissue release. This therapy is unique because it uses the practitioner’s foot that allows the practitioners weight to facilitate tissue release.



Cupping is an ancient form of therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the body to create suction as a way of increasing blood flow, separating tissue layers, and breaking up adhesions formed in the tissue.