fascial stretch therapy

photo by Matt Lloyd

photo by Matt Lloyd


what is fascial stretch therapy...

Fascia is connective tissue that connects your muscle groups (like the plastic casing around a sausage)! It can be found throughout your entire body, with different lines running all the way from your head to toe. A session of Fascial Stretch will incorporate traction, which will help create more space within the joint capsule, break up adhesions that get built up in the fascia, and helps decrease compressive forces on the joints to help have a more comfortable, deeper stretch. During a session, the client will lightly contract their muscles against light resistance. These light contractions will help stimulate what is called a contract relax response to allow the nervous system to relax and achieve a deeper, more comfortable stretch. 


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Lokte Method

A newer therapy that utilizes a pin and stretch technique to help create a deep connective tissue release. This therapy is unique because it uses the practitioner’s foot that allows the practitioners weight to facilitate tissue release.


Muscle Activation Techniques

This therapy is a checks and balance system of your muscles. Through a series of range of motion assessments, muscle tests, palpations, and retests, MAT™ can get your body with the proper mechanics to help reduce pain and range of motion.


Cupping is an ancient form of therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the body to create suction as a way of increasing blood flow, separating tissue layers, and breaking up adhesions formed in the tissue.