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Synergistic Movement brings together two key factors to human movement and recovery. Mobility: the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Stability: the property of the body to maintain or restore it's original condition when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion. Both of these are crucial to getting you to move efficiently and pain-free to get you back to the things you love! The ability to have a session of Fascial Stretch and/or Lokte Method and immediately follow that up with Muscle Activation Technique will help an individual not only increase range of motion, but also maintain and build upon those gains.

Lin Hill is a soft tissue specialist with experience in the sports recovery, sports injury rehabilitation, and overall wellness. She has worked with people of all ages, sports and lifestyle backgrounds. Her focus is to get your body moving as efficiently and pain-free as possible by restoring both mobility and stability. The body responds to stress, trauma, overuse, injury, and inflammation by decreasing range of motion and muscles “shutting down” (muscle weakness) which results in improper body mechanics. This often presents itself as pain. Restoring proper body mechanics will increase the efficiency of the body and decrease pain. 



I grew up in Denver, CO and received my Bachelors of Science at Oregon State University with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Psychology. At Oregon State, I was a Division I Rower for four years. I also worked at Denver Sports Recovery for four years, treating a wide variety of clients with Fascial Stretch Therapy and Lokte Method, as well as working as a Recovery Specialist in the recovery room.

Being an athlete all of my life and playing a different sport each season, I found myself in the high school training room on a regular basis. Seeing how my high school Athletic Trainer was able to help bring people back to their sport and witnessing firsthand the impact that had on their lives, I instantly knew sports medicine was the field for me. You start to find purpose, identity, and happiness in the things you do. When you lose the ability to do those things because of pain or immobility, it starts to weigh on you, both mentally and physically. My goal is to help get you back to the things you love - whether that’s back to a professional sport, weekend hiking adventures, running around with your kids, (or whatever you're passionate about), and give you the tools and knowledge to keep you there.  I have worked with a wide range of people - anywhere from professional football and lacrosse players, ultra runners, ironman athletes, rock climbers, and cross fitters to weekend warriors, casual hikers, or that person who threw out their back while moving. You should never have to stop doing the activities you love or have to deal with pain on a day to day basis. 



BS in Exercise and Sport Science 

Minor in Psychology

Clinical Rotations in the Athletic Training Room at Oregon State University 

Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, CFST 2

Certified Lokte Method Specialist, LM3

Muscle Activation Technique Specialist

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Sports Experience:








All of the following services are available for 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute appointments. 


fascial stretch therapy

A new method of manual therapy that uses the fascial network to help increase mobility and range of motion via traction, PNF, and movement. Fascial Stretch Therapy can be used by anyone and everyone!


Lokte Method

A newer therapy that utilizes a pin and stretch technique to help create a deep connective tissue release. This therapy is unique because it uses the practitioner’s foot that allows the practitioners weight to facilitate tissue release. 


muscle activation techniques

This therapy is a checks and balance system of your muscles. Through a series of range of motion assessments, muscle tests, palpations, and retests, MAT™ can help reduce pain and increase range of motion.      


Fire Cupping

Cupping is an ancient form of therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the body to create suction as a way of increasing blood flow, separating tissue layers, and breaking up adhesions formed in the tissue.


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I really liked Lin’s approach. As an NFL player, the key to being a great athlete and staying healthy throughout such a long season is optimizing recovery and flexibility. Lin was more than accommodating and had many techniques to help keep my muscles feeling good and my joints mobile.
— Bradley Roby #29, Cornerback for the Denver Broncos
As a Masters Weightlifter I regularly have tight muscles and joint pain from training. I have been getting Fascial Stretch and Lokte Method with Lin regularly for the past two years and it is the best thing I have done for my mobility , movement, and overall wellness. Lin always does her best to get me moving better and back to training hard. She is an amazing Recovery Specialist!
— Mary Graham, 2017 USA Weightlifting Masters Champion
As a professional MMA fighter and coach frequently holding and hitting pads, I had severe pain in my elbow. I tried many things to relieve the pain: massage, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy etc... It would temporary relieve the pain but it would come back shortly after. I tried the Lokte Method with Lin. It was long and pretty uncomfortable for about 20 mins, but I was completely pain free after the treatment and the pain didn’t come back. It only took one treatment and it completely fixed my problem. I fully recommend people to try Lokte Method with Lin. She is amazing and gives just the right amount of pressure that you can handle to fix your problem.
— Ian "The Hurricane" Heinisch
Lin has helped me recover from a bicep tendonesis surgery as well as with persistent bilateral knee issues using many methods of treatment. One of Lin’s best qualities as a therapist is her desire to continually learn and perfect different treatment methods. She takes a multi-dimensional approach and has combined different therapies such as FST, cupping, MAT, and Lokte during a single session to help improve mobility, stability, and performance. Lin always responded quickly and was flexible with scheduling. Lin knows many specialists which she will recommend if she thinks they can help your progress to be injury free or improve performance.
— Kyle Sullivan